Barking, after all, is a dog’s primary way of verbal communication. It’s just cruel to suppress it altogether.
If we desire our dog to control his barking and to remain healthy both physically and mentally, then we should pay more attention and find out why it is barking, what emotion is forcing him to bark and work on to solve this problem.

Should we use citronella collars in that case?
Citronella collars are out of the question for our dog. Neither of us is willing causing our dog’s pain to control behavior. So if other things don’t work, the next best thing would be a citronella bark collar.

You can find citronella in sprays and anti-bark collars. The collar is set on the dog’s neck. Each time the dog barks, a canister squirts citronella splash in, which is extremely unpleasant for the dog so as a result, it will immediately stop barking. Moreover, some dogs will learn at what volume they can still bark to prevent setting off the spray.
barking collar
So we still have a question: Do citronella bark collars work? The answer is “sort of.”

• If you are the owner of an aged dog who has been permitted to bark regularly, then a citronella collar may not work. It’s non-productive because one dog is being punished for the actions of the other dogs.
• And if you haven’t found out what’s causing the barking, then a citronella collar may work at first, but it won’t work long term.

The citronella dog collar is usually used within the dog training industry to help control nuisance barking.
This type of collar delivers a citronella spray up at your dog whenever it barks. The newer models react both to the sound of barking and also the vibration of the vocal cord.

Whereas there are many new gadgets for dogs on the market, pet owners want to know if citronella collars work. According to the study conducted at the Cornell Animal Behavior Clinic, the citronella collar works. About 90 percent of the dog owners who participated in this study showed success with it. Furthermore, the collar has received a rating of four and a half stars on Amazon, and it has more than a thousand reviews from owners of the product.

Probably the best reason for using this type of collar is the fact that it is so humane. Instead of suppressing your dog to small electric shocks, you are using a fragrance to replace the negative behavior.

Bear in mind, if you forget to turn the collar off, you face a few results. The battery will run out, and you reduce all types of barking-even playful barking if it occurs to be too loud.

Though the citronella dog collar is a better option for dogs that have an annoying barking problem. But, there are situations in which it isn’t suggested, including:

• The battery doesn’t last very long, so you should put it on your dog during particular times like when you are at work the whole day, or you don’t want to disturb the neighbors.
• Start with using the collar only in situations where you will be present, and you know he will bark.
As for the physical effects of citronella spray:
• Citronella is a pesticide.
• Citronella can cause lung cancer if ingested.

Warnings include Eye: may irritate. Skin: may irritate.

So, choice is on you, if you decide to use citronella dog collars, choose the best one. If not, try some other solutions. Good luck to you and your cute barking dog!

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