Edie was one of these dogs, who can’t trust the humans anymore. She was brought into a shelter. Her fur was filled with mattes.
Edie was so terrified to be in the shelter that the staff thought she was un-adoptable and was the candidate of euthanasia.

Luckily, a Good Samaritan noticed her and was determined not to let the shelter euthanize this frightened little dog.

Thanks to Hope for Paws, Edie was brought to the vet for an examination, where the dog realized that the people there were there to lend her a helping paw. She calmed down and became a sweat, loving dog.

A shelter can really be a scary place. If you want to adopt the dog, remember not to overlook the dogs, who just need some love. If you give them a proper hug, like Edie, they will turn into a loving dog too.

This video depicts the rescue dog, who is afraid of everyone at first, but when she sees everything’s going to be okay she changes her attitude:

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