Violet is an English Mastiff from Clinton, Maryland, who weighed less than one-third the weight that she should for her age.

Violet was thrown out of a moving car. She was really a very lucky to have survived. Not only the dogs but also the humans might not have survived what happened to Violet. It was a miracle that a Good Samaritan drove the car behind her. They rushed to her rescue.
Violet was taken to the Prince George’s County Animal Control, was Mutts Matter Rescue found her. There, Debbie Gretz took on Violet’s care. She had an excellent track record with helping the starved animals.

The poor dog weighed just 60 lbs when Debbie started taking care of her. Violet needed to gain at least 80-90lbs.
She was fed small meals several times a day.

Debbie said that when she had sat on the sofa, she walked over to her and put her head in her lap, she thought she would melt. She added: “Violet is just so sweet even after being treated so terribly.”

After several months, the dog weighs 138lb, and she’s healthy.

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