There are some dogs who are fortunate enough to be born into a lovely and caring home. Even though, there are also others that do not get this luxury. They are living on the streets, far away from warmth, love and care.

Abigail the pitbull was born into a life of dogfighting. While she should not have been able to survive, this dog was actually much different from all of the others. Now Abigail has deserved second chance at the life. The new life phase is supposed to begin in Abigail’s life.

Now she has a very attentive and caring owner Megan. Megan does not take her outside without dressing her up in all sorts of beautiful accessories. They are really stunning. However, Abigail’s past life in the world of dog fighting has left her without an ear, and these accessories are used to cover the injuries she obtained.

According to Megan, the suffering that Abigail endured was painful, but it strengthened her. Abigail’s transformation into a more normal existence is so inspiring. She is also receiving awards for her efforts. The American Humane Society has crowned Abigail as their Hero Dog of the Year.

Each finalist gave money for their chosen charity and for Megan. So, She has the opportunity to provide support to Dogs for Deployment. This group offers homes for pups whose owners are currently serving a tour of duty overseas.


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