Well, human cruelty has no limits and this poor baby is a living proof of that. This puppy is only three days old and he was scalped. Person who took him at Umbrella of Hope claims that it was walking in the street.

I don’t really know how three years old puppy was walking in the street, because at this age they barely can walk, especially when they are scalped.

People who are working at Umbrella of Hope called him Hoya. The veterinarian closed his wounds and gave him some pain medications and antibiotics.

Hoya still needs a surgery to be able to hear. Unfortunately a person who did this is still out there. Animal service made 500$ reward for the information that will help to arrest and conviction. If you have some information about Hoya’s cause and other puppies who have suffered from human’s cruelty please send an email to beourpet@gmail.com.

Hoyas medical bills are over 1000$ and it will be needed in more. So if you can help make a donation at www.paypal.me/UOH

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