Usual pets for people are cats, dogs, or parrots, but Lisa Donovan has a 15 cm Huntsman spider called Mrs. Flufferbum.

A 44-year-old woman from Queensland, Australia, shared a video of Mrs. Flufferbum and her 200 spiderlings to promote spiders as pets. She also wants to defeat arachnophobia by showing Mrs. Flufferbum as a good mother.

She has already had lots of people contacted on social media, telling her they are no longer scared of spiders, after seeing her post.
“I have changed them. It makes my day,” says Lisa.

According to Donovan, the spider guards her egg sac relentlessly, day and night until they hatched.

Lisa uses crickets and cockroaches to feed the spiders. Once she was even bit by a Huntsman , but she still loves this creature.
Lisa hopes to touch those people’s hearts, who value the lives of all creatures no matter how scary they may look.

“I know there is a lot of stigma, but people should remember they can’t help how it was born or how it looks. They are creatures like any other,” she says.

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