In 2016, Jasmine Shortland’s three years old son, Bryan-Andrew became ill. Despite the fact that the little boy was absolutely healthy, he got the chicken pox. Later he was swelling.

Jasmine considered that her infant son, Ivan would be in danger, if she didn’t get proper measures. So, she took Bryan-Andrew and his brother at their grandmother’s house. Jasmine thought that Ivan would be safer there. Austin had had chicken pox, and as she remembers, she hadn’t any difficulties. So, Jasmine believes that Bryan-Andrew will be no exception.

Next day, Jasmine’s mother found out that Bryan-Andrew wouldn’t wake up. She was afraid, and then rescue workers came to the home soon. They performed CPR, but it didn’t work.

Bryan-Andrew died in his sleep. It was really appalling. Jasmine was in a terrible situation. Her condition was unbearable, and it can’t be expressed with words.

Jasmin said that before this occasion, he was extremely happy. He was laughing. I spoke to him the night before.

After the weeks passed, the doctors discovered that Bryan-Andrew had a rare form of the streptococcus. As they explained, it was a serious life –threatening infection. It caused  a sepsis. It was really terrifying.

Now, Jasmin is aware of the implications of such infection. She knows that chicken pox brings serious results. So she tells the parents to take it into consideration.


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