Everyone wishes that their lovely dogs can talk.  It’s not surprising that most dog owners always talk to their puppies. Sometimes, they are better listeners than humans at all.

But can you imagine a world in which we have a conversation with our loved puppies? Despite the fact that they couldn’t reply us, we even keep going the conversation. So, no matter they can respond us or not.

We are sure of course that the dogs can’t talk! But they can communicate with humans via physical movements. They use facial expressions and different sounds.

Many of us would like to hear what’s happening inside of our dog’s head, and this dog dad is not the exception. So he decided to get the explanation himself!

That’s why this puppy dad decided to record a video of his dog and give the entire thing a funny voice-over. It has gone viral, and it’s not a surprise!

Take a look at this clip by pressing “play” on the video below! Have you been able to communicate with your puppy unusually?

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