We all agree on the following that the Spiders are terrifying. They made some of our nightmares, and we are in a panic when we see them. However, one species of spider is particularly horror than the rest.

The reason is that this spider could be the size of your face.

The Goliath birdeater is the hugest spider species in the world. But you can be at ease when you are aware that the Goliath bird-eater spider plausibly won’t attack you, they are usually obedient.

Here are some facts on one of the most horrifying creatures in the world:

  1. Females can Live for Decades, While Male Simply Live a Few Years

Whereas the female Goliath bird-eater lives about 10 to 15 years,  the male bird-eater only lives between three to six years.

2. Males Usually Die After Mating

Male Goliath bird-eaters usually die in a few months after mating with the female.


3. They are struggling with their women

According to Spiders World, males are attracted by the scent and chemicals of a female. If there is more than one male in the area, the males will aggressively fight with one another to mate with the female. But the last word belongs to the female. She has to say in who she will mate with, she’s usually very picky.

4. It’s a Tarantula

Goliath bird-eaters are ranked as Theraphosa blondi and belong to the Arachbida Class, Aranea Order, Mygalomorphae Suborder, and Theraphosidae Family. That makes them tarantulas, which are huge and covered in hair. Tarantulas aren’t threatening to humans, and they can live to age 30.

5. It’s the Giant Spider Species in the World

The Goliath is the most massive and spider in the world in body size. Its body length is about 4.5 inches. Their legs can grow to about 11 inches long and can weigh less than half a pound.

6. They can have two hundred babies at first.

A female can put 200 eggs at once. Her young baby will come eight weeks after she has mated. The females can eat more than the males do because once their egg is in place, they simply stop eating.

7. They are usually harmless

They shoot their hairs when they feel insecure. So, if you don’t bother a Goliath birdeater anymore, you don’t have to be afraid. They love loneliness.

Though they are poisonous spiders, they rarely inject poison. In case they bite you and use venom, it will cause pain and some swelling.

8. New Bird-eating Tarantulas Were Discovered in 2017

Researchers from the Sau Paulo Institute were working on a project discovered in Peru, to pursue tarantulas of the Avicularia genus. As a result, they discovered the three new bird-eating tarantula species. The new species belong to a different family than the Goliath.

9. They Make a Sound Like a Snake

Goliath bird-eaters make a loud hissing noise that sounds like a rattlesnake.  The noise is determined to scare off any threats, so they don’t have to struggle.

10. Their babies simply eat them

Goliath bird-eater is quite tasty and that the reason why their children eat them at an early age.


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