This is an old but heartwarming story about the cat called Miss Kitty. When she gave birth in the spring of 1993, unfortunately, all her kittens died. But her maternal instincts did not disappear.

It happened that the same day Miss kitty lost all her litter, her owners’ neighbor’s Cocker spaniel gave birth to puppies, but she was not willing to take care of them. The puppies needed someone to nurse them. So, Miss Kitty stepped in. She could not let the puppies die. So, she decided to steal the little black dogs one by one, carrying them by the scruffs of their necks. She hid them under the old car, where she nursed them.

As the neighbor Linda Blackwell tells the story, Miss Kitty, after her kittens had died, felt the need to take over the responsibility.
She says – “I saw Miss Kitty going across the yard with one of the little puppies in her mouth. And Miss Kitty went back and picked another one up, and she kept bringing them across the yard until she had all of them over there.”

Dr. Andrew Holland, the veterinarian, estimates the situation: “We see cats adopting others’ kittens and we see dogs adopting other puppies, but very seldom do you see one species nursing off a different species.”

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