Unfortunately, pit bull dogs don’t have a good reputation. People think they are aggressive to humans and other dogs.
One Russian family decided to prove that not all the pit bulls are “killing machines.” They have an adorable dog called Akamaru. Despite being a pit bull, he is one of the kindest and gentle dogs that you have ever seen.

Akamaru has a favorite member of the family. It is a two-year-old baby. His owner Justin has shared a lot of photos of the dog and his best friend. As for this family, they are sure that this dog can be trusted next to the baby and they know that they have nothing to fear.

It’s an indisputable fact that pit bulls are used on dog fighting rings because of having powerful jaws, they are not naturally aggressive dogs. But still, a lot of people consider them to be dangerous. Fortunately, Akamaru is here for you to destroy these notions.

He was raised in the proper environment. Akamaru’s owner has raised him to be a friendly and kind dog. He has never attacked anyone. The dogs need to be treated properly not to become a killing machine.

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