Some people fear about snakes, some not. However, these mysterious creatures are undeniably beautiful in their own right. Photographer Mark Laita intended to capture that beauty for his book Serpentine.

The book is a collection of wonderfully lit snakes against a black background, to bring out the stunning colors and forms of the serpents. It may be interesting for snake lovers and herpetologists . The photographer believes the work is to be looked at as an art. “My intention was to explore color, appearance, and action by using snakes as a subject”.
He selected some different snakes for his book. Deadly black mamba was chosen, a highly aggressive and poisonous snake from the African continent. Despite the fact that they got the safety precautions during the shoot, an accident even happened. The hook snagged a red photographic cable, this frightened the mamba which then lashed out at the photographer’s leg. Blood began to flow from the wound, and Laita immediately feared the worst.

Laita did not go to the hospital for anti-venom, whereas snake was not having its venom glands removed. So, we have to consider experts’ advice, because it is the extremely risky thing to do. Fortunately, for him, the snake either gave him a dry bite in which the snake chose not to inject venom or the venom. “It hurt like hell”. Laita said.
Later, Laita was appalled, when he was looking through his photos. He found out that he had captured a snap of the precise moment of the bite. This led to the falsified story in the Daily Mail. Laita emphasized that he wanted people to talk about the book, not the bite.
Black Mamba bite is hazardous and without treatment survival is rare, Laita is the exception. 

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