British television producer Ricky Gervias undercovered the horrifying footage which shows how foxes are being killed by farmers. The animals are hang upside down and electrocuted with rods. The organization, Animal Defenders Internationa released video showing he brief harrowing experience of one fox who so much wanted to live. But it was unsuccessful. The fox was had been dragged by his tail from his filthy cage and forced to bite into an electric rod.Then he was thrown onto a cart to be stripped of his coat and his skin. The fox was alive, he tried to run away, but without success. He was electrocuted again and died. Ricky Gervais voiced his opinion on social media calling out the industry for the most heinous behaviors towards animals. As he said: “Fashion is a form of escapism for many but for the animals, imprisoned and denied their most basic needs, death is the only escape.”

The video below exposing the fur industry is extremely difficult to watch, but it is a reality. Use discretion when viewing. This may be unsuitable for all viewing audiences.

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