Liam Mcgourty is a 10-year-old boy with a muscular dystrophy. Unfortunately, he has become wheelchair-bound.
But Liam is a strong person and hasn’t lost his optimism and hope.

He is the baseball team Red Sox fan. The little fan calls his green wheelchair the “Green Monster,” after the symbolical green wall in the outfield of the team’s home park.

“My favorite color is green,” Liam says.

This brave boy was waiting to receive a golden retriever that would grow up as his service dog.

The owner, Pauline Hoegler, was delighted when her dog, Bridget, had 10 puppies — but especially because one of them had green-tinted fur.

She called up Liam’s parents and told them that she had a puppy for him.

The little boy called the dog Fenway.

The green tint came from the mother dog’s bile leaking into the sac, dying Fenway’s fur. The dog’s green hair has now disappeared, but Liam seems okay with that.

The puppy is now being trained to be Liam’s service dog and the best friend.

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