If you are afraid of heights – this video might give you the adrenaline. The tourists are coming from everywhere to Zhangjiajie China to visit the world’s longest glass bridge. This is really appalling.

The Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is located in China. Chinese people now have the opportunity to add this stunningly beautiful bridge to the list of China’s world’s records.

There are some shocking statistics, so let’s overlook it.

This incredibly beautiful bridge is the longest and the tallest glass bridge of the world. The bridge is 430 meters, approximately 1,140 feet long and 300 meters above ground. Can you imagine, the view is breathtaking. The bridge was designed by Israeli architect Haim Dotan for 138 yuan, or approximately $20 USD. It’s really worth seeing bridge, that you would never forget.

The Zhangjiajie Bridge merges two mountain cliffs, known as Avatar Mountains. At first look, people may have a question: Is it safe or not? Surely, it has four giant pillars on the walls, 99 panels. The most importantly, each panel made of 3 layers of glass, so it’s absolutely safe.

The bridge can hold up to 800 people. Sometimes there are some demonstrations on the bridge. The Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge opened in August of 2016. People assume that the bridge would hold 8,000 visitors, although it was receiving 80,000 visitors a day. The bridge has been closed to improve the attraction. Re-opening date is TBD.

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