Two Russian fishermen got the astonishment of their lives when nature suddenly came calling.

The men were on Lake Vygozero in the Karelia region of Russia when two drowning wild brown bears latched on their boat.

The Cubs had lost their mother while passing the lake. It’s thought that the mother bear overvalued her cubs’ capacity to swim into the freezing water. She couldn’t imagine that they wouldn’t have the ability to keep up with her.

The fishermen quickly took a decision to rescue the two bear cubs from their condition. They aimed not to get too close to the wild animals. They could obviously see bears’ struggle, so they had to move fast.

In this video below, you can clearly see that they managed to lift one of the bear cubs using a strong net. It takes the little cub a few seconds, but he finally succeeds to make it onto the boat alive. His sibling soon follows it.

The fishermen said that they then returned them to coast. The poor cubs were too vulnerable to walk on their own. So they needed humans’ help, they were dropped off among some trees. The men hope that their mother ultimately founds them safe and healthy.

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