Two Nights ago, in Las Vegas, a gunman opened fire at a country music festival. There were killed at least 59 and more than 500 injured people. People were terrified about this event. Despite this chaotic situation, courageous people went on risk. They risked their lives to help others.

This shooting was the most terribly memorable event in US history. It took place during the Route 91 Festival. At the end of the performance, shots began. The criminal, 64 – year – old Stephen Paddock shot himself before police noticed him.

Now we would like to share the most incredible and heroic stories from the harrowing night in honor of all victims.

#1 This is Sonny Melton and his wife. He  was killed while protecting his wife during the Las Vegas shooting.


Sony Melton is a nurse from Big Sandy, Tennessee. He and his wife Heather were celebrating their first wedding anniversary. Suddenly began the gun shooting. Sony tried to escape with his wife, they run away. Unfortunately, he was shot while running. After this event, Heather published her Facebook post, she wrote the following: “Sonny was the most kind-hearted, loving man I have ever met. He saved my life and lost his.”

#2 Former Marine Taylor Winstron and his friend, Jenn Lewis rescued about 2 dozen victims and took them to the hospital.

Taylor Winston, who is 29-year-old was nearby, when the Route 91 shooting began. He escaped with his friend without any injuring. They immediately noticed the truck with keys. They began picking up injured people and piling them in without any hesitation. They had the opportunity to transport about 2 dozen wounded people to the hospital.

#3 Carly Krygier laid her child on the ground and tried to cover her.

Carly Krygier lived in San Diego. She just sat on the back of the music festival with her young daughter. Suddenly the shooting began. “I put the baby on the ground and got on top of her,” Carly told CNN. Later, they found the bleachers and stopped there, but they didn’t feel secure in that area. Krygier stated that her daughter was “incredibly brave,” she did not cry and tried to be patient. Despite this terrible event, mother and daughter escaped without harm.

#4 Steve Keys a firefighter was shot while doing Cpr

After the Route 91 terrible shooting, Steve Keys a firefighter was performing CPR on a wounded woman. Suddenly bullet grazed his chest and stomach. Keys was wounded, he was bleeding. However, he continued helping the others. Later he was taken to the hospital by a friend. “I’m ok. But a lot of people aren’t. I am lucky,” he wrote.

#5 Jonathan Smith rescued 30 people after the gun shot. Unfortunately, he was shot in the neck.

Jonathan Smith was celebrating his brother’s 43rd birthday when the shooting started.   They were watching the performance when the country singer stopped singing and ran.  The lights went out. At first, they didn’t realize what was happening. Then Smith called people to hide in safe places. Smiths was shot in his neck when he cried to people to get on the ground. Despite this event, Smith and his family are feeling well. They are alive, but Smith has a bullet in his neck, and he had to live with it.

#6 I was protecting my sister from a shooting in Las Vegas Festival, when this man took a bullet.

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#7 This new mother was shot on her back, while trying to protect her boyfriend.

#8 Mike Cronk, who is a retired teacher heroically met the gunfire and he helped his friend, who was shot three times.

Mike Cronk, the 48-year-old retired teacher, heard the bullet shooting. His best friend 52-year-old  Rob MacIntosh was shot three times. He immediately moved Rob under the stage. Mike used his shirt to stop bleeding of his best friend. Then Mike asked for help, other injured people needed an ambulance. Unfortunately, one man sadly died in his arms.




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