Prisma was found as a stray and was taken by Animal Control. State law prevents her from being rescued until her stray waiting period is over. Described as wild or semi-wild, Prisma was grabbed in a live trap after living in the wild for a long time. Still, state law demands a waiting period.

Volunteers and personnel from the shelter have been trying to persuade well-meaning animal advocates. Despite the fact that the dog is listed as “rescue, ” the interest doesn’t stop.

“Franklin County Animal Shelter NC stated that: “If we did not worry we would not rescue her. I have worked most of the day responding rescues and people on here. Please before you blame you have to be aware of the facts. This dog has a lot of rescue suggestions. But we also have so many other dogs that no one is interested. We would like you to share those dogs and spread their information out so that they will be able to find perfect families!!!”

The organization’s Facebook page has got more than 2,000 messages. Both the volunteers and the adopters expressed their will to know when the dog can be released. The shelter has defined that, because of her behavior and her extreme fear, Prisma can only go to an authorized rescue organization for a patient and perhaps for a long rehabilitation.

A blogger on social media posted Prisma’s photo with wrong information. It caused the drama, when Prisma’s photo was uploaded:

Franklin County Animal Shelter NC thanks everyone for the attention in Prisma. Questions are appreciated about this dog. The shelter also would like to remind people they have not had a single inquiry about the other dogs available for adoption – many well trained and loving.

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