Dogs without any hesitation are human’s best friend. There are so many occasions in which the dog has sacrificed his life to save his owner’s life. An interesting event occurred in Kerala when a brave dog died while trying to defend his owners from a five-feet-long cobra!

An elderly couple in Kerala adopted a dog when it was just a month old . They never imagined that three years later he would save their lives. It was an ordinary day, Mouli and the three-year-old dachshund was playing outside the house.

Suddenly he saw a cobra coming to the house. He began barking loudly in order to warn his master. The old couple came out to find out why was the dog barking. They were appalled to find the dog was struggling with the five feet cobra.

The dog and the cobra were fighting for 30 minutes, but unfortunately, the dog died in the process of fighting. In the meanwhile, the local police were told about the event, but when they came, the dog was already dead. As it discovered, the dog was bitten several times by the snake.

The elderly couple stays alone in their Perumbavur residence with their pet. They were destroyed by the death of their beloved puppy. The dog was an integral part of their family member.

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