When the owner’s beloved puppy called Basanti accidentally fell into boiling hot water, he called Animal Aid Unlimited immediately. He had been taking care of this dog since she was a puppy.

The dog was hiding in an abandoned building in agonizing pain, probably ready to die. Almost 30% of her body had been burned. Puppy’s legs and underneath her belly had severe injuries, and the skin had started to become necrotic.

Animal Aid Unlimited rescue group knew that the life-saving treatment had to be done immediately.

At first, as she arrived at the hospital, they had was to ease her pain and then carefully remove the necrotic tissue in order the new skin to grow. It took them one week to remove all of the burned tissues. Only then her recovery began.

During this painful treatment, the brave dog’s tail never stopped wagging.

After three months this adorable puppy plays in the yard:

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