Gas stations are often the victim of different crimes. Criminals know to target these locations. Since they are open the whole day and night. It is staffed by low wage employees. These businesses are no stranger and are regularly victimized by robberies. As a result, police have noticed new crime.

Women are the victims of such crimes, and this all happens throughout the world. This crime is known as “sliding.” It happens so: The woman gets out her vehicle to pay for the gasoline that she has just purchased. As soon as she opens her door, a perpetrator will open the passenger door and snag as many valuables as possible.

Once police officers noticed the crime, they saw that women were being targeted at a rate that seemed fairly unbalanced. It is considered that targeting women is very easy because they leave their pocketbook on the passenger seat, while they are going to the gas station.

This kind of crime seems to be more accessible for the robbers. The police referred it “sliding” term for this reason. The victim is not a smarter one. So the thieves can use the gas station for their advantage.

The crime first took place in the United Kingdom and has since spread. The criminals who are responsible for this crime are professionals.

The cash and credit cards that are used in the crimes are utilized quickly. It’s noteworthy that, these criminals are not violent and if you would like to avoid a “sliding”, consider to keep your doors and windows locked at all times.

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