It is possible to let our dog run loose in a field of grass. It gives them some much-needed exercise and provides you with joy. But vets warn us that every pet owner should avoid this grass. Do you know that certain grasses that are eaten by your dog are dangerous? For example, Foxtail grass is extremely dangerous. The part of the grass that makes it harmful to your pup is the seed awns, which are needles made to implant a seed further into the ground. It can wreck havoc on your dog’s body. When our beloved friends come into contact with it, it burrows into their skin. At the end, it can result in major injuries. As vets say the seed lawns are as dangerous as a bullet to your dog. If your dog has longer hair, it is more vulnerable to collecting the foxtail grass. You can find this grass in a distressed location. It may be vacant lots, open fields, landfills, and roadsides. The first symptom is sneezing, which can alert you that your pup may have a foxtail in their nose. The other symptoms are: head shaking, lumps on the skin and excessive pawing at the eyes. How to avoid? The best thing to do is to be proactive. We should make sure we are aware of all the areas our dog is exposed to. Share this story to your friends!

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