Baby powder isn’t just for only soothing baby’s butts. There are some beauty cosmetics, and home uses baby powder. These are different reasons your house should be stocked with baby powder whether you have a baby or not.
  1. Remove Sand

Use Baby Powder to remove sand from your body, it;s very helpful!

2. Refresh your shoes

Pour some baby powder inside your shoes.

3. Avoid greasy hair by baby powder

Mix together 1/4 cup of soda and the same amount of baby powder. Anoint it into your hair. So it will help to avoid greasy hair.

4. Fix a Creaky floor

Use baby powder to prevent floor creaking, it’s so helpful!

5. Use baby powder to soothe above your upper lip

Using baby powder avoids pain and irritation before waxing it.

6. Destroy ants with baby powder

By using baby powder you will prevent ants, so pour it into places where they are.

7. Refresh your sheets

Pour baby powder between sheets, it will help to avoid sweat in the summer.

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